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  1. P

    Asus XT8 Major WiFi Issues

    So this is my last ditch effort before I use AMEX to file an insurance claim on defective equipment. ASUS support has been dragging out my case since July and keeps asking for me to submit the same information over and over and now they are claiming it is a hardware issue and I have to pay to...
  2. zacofunny

    [RT-AX88U] Issue with WiFi while using Link Aggregation

    Hi. I'm experiencing issue while using LAN Link Aggregation. The problem is that WiFi stops work properly, i.e. both the networks 2.4G and 5G are visible for clients, however router doesn't accept clients during authorization. Sometimes everything works with no issues until another restart...
  3. giopas

    Time to rebuild the home network?

    Hi all, I live in a house composed by groundfloor, first floor, mezzanine and basement (overall ~150sq/m) and I currently have the following set up: Router on the ground floor: RT-AC87U (running Asus Merlin fw) Wifi AP on the first floor: RT-AC68U (wired, in bridge mode, to extend wireless)...
  4. F

    Random crashes ASUS ZenWiFi AX (XT8) & NTP/logging weirdness

    Hi, We recently decide to switch our older Asus routers for a fancy AI mesh system with two nodes. We have had nothing but trouble since, bad connections and crashes, devices (wifi AND wired) dropping of the net. When I say drop of the net, I don't just mean of the internet, but they...
  5. S

    Mesh connectivity vs setup question

    I have a basic mesh question, which I struggle to find good answers to; I have a mesh wifi network with 3 x TP-link Deco M9 routers in my house. I must admit i would have expected better performance that what I do; The signal strength is very good all over the house, and ... When I try...
  6. A

    Is a dedicated wireless backhaul better for a wireless bridge?

    I understand why it's better for "mesh" systems, which have repeaters, but my use case is to connect an AC86U as a media bridge (stock Asus firmware) to a R7800 as the main router. This AC68U will go behind the TV where I'll run Ethernet to several devices from it. Right now I have it connected...
  7. A

    Beta ASUSWRT 386 RC2 public beta with full functions AiMesh 2.0

    Update 2020/11/12 ( https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1UHZwR1buG-nei8fne9d9OktOS2gZy6Hs?usp=sharing This version includes 19 models: ZenWiFi: XT8(RT-AX95Q), XD4(RT-AX56U_XD4), CD6(RT-AC59_CD6) GT series: GT-AX11000,GT-AC5300, GT-AC2900 RT series: RT-AX88U, RT-AX92U...
  8. wheelq

    Changing the WiFi vendor name

    Is it possible to change the Vendor name for WiFi module? [screenshot attached]
  9. A

    AiMesh node for AX88U. Please help!

    This is my first post in this forum and if this violate any rule, please excuse me for that and let me know so that I can correct it. I've been following this forum for quiet a long time and my queries were being answered till now. Now, I am stuck in a situation hence created account to ask the...
  10. T

    Which WiFi access point?

    I am looking for a Wireless access point. I have a broadband connection downstairs and Ethernet point in my upstair bedroom. Rather than extending the wifi, I am looking to get the max out of my cable broadband connection. So I would need to connect the wired cable broadband connection to a...
  11. Cmd85

    Ac88u with lates merlin - Drops wifi, internet, cant connect to router

    Hello. So installed merlin yesterday and have had some issue forcing me to reboot the router a few times. First my Homey lost connection and I noticed that no 2.4ghz was connected, a reboot fixed this. The issue I had just now is that internet dropped via Wifi. I couldnt connect to the router...
  12. S

    Router = AC86U AiMesh Node = AC68U (wfd_unregisterdevice) Instability Fix

    I searched all over the place for this issue, and never saw a clear cut thread - to the point I spent significant time of trial and error to figure this out. I hope this will help someone out... Setup: AC86U = Main Router AC68U = AiMesh Node Backhaul = Wireless Smart Connect = Disabled SSID's...
  13. I

    RT-AX56U VS AX58U

    Hello Guys, Which Router is better performing in terms of Wifi Performance and OPENVPN Speeds? AX56U or AX58U? And are there any known issues in both of these Models? And which one is more stable when using Merlin Appreciate your help and Advise :cool::D
  14. H

    Asus ZenWifi AC Slave Router Speed Cap?

    Hey Everyone, First time poster here and total noob when it comes to networking... I just "upgraded my Comcast Xfinity xFi modem/router and 3 xfinity pods to: Netgear Nighthawk CM1200 cable modem Asus ZenWiFi AC3000 - x4 My goal was to get and faster and more reliable WiFi signal throughout...
  15. R

    [Fix] Wifi continually disconnecting and reconnecting with smart connect

    Hi all When running on 384.13 I had great success with my network, everything was nice and stable. Since then, I've had some horrific instability on portable devices and only in some locations - ironically locations with strong signal. I think I've finally found the cause - the Smart Connect...
  16. F

    New Router + UTM

    Hello everyone. I’m new here so please forgive any etiquette faux pas. They are unintentional. I’ve got an ASUS RT-AC68R with merlin and a Pace 5628AC in pass through/DMZplus mode. If I connect to my routers Wi-Fi, I lose 25mbps on downloads vs connecting to my pace Wi-Fi. As far as I can...
  17. J

    Turn on/off wifi with IFTTT

    I configure my router with IFTTT and Webhooks. All the on and off commands works, I see the wifi disabled in the router page. but they still work. An idea of how to turn off the wifi with IFTTT ? Thank
  18. Bride

    Asus wireless professional tab and region selection

    Hi guys, I tried to check more info about the region selection (also in this forum), looking at the real differences in terms of power limitation and channel selection between: Asia, China, Europe, Korea, Russia, Singapore, The United States, Australia. I didn't found out a defined table for...
  19. Calab

    Connecting multiple ethernet connections to wifi

    The second floor of my home has no ethernet jacks nor any way to install cabling. I have several devices in my second floor office that I want to connect to my network. A couple have 802.11b or g connectivity, but most only have ethernet jacks. Also, while Windows is pretty easy to find a USB...
  20. M

    OpenVPN Server Does Not Allow Client to Access WiFi Devices

    I have an RT-AC68U router running Asuswrt Merlin configured as an OpenVPN server. I have another RT-AC68U at a different location with an OpenVPN client configured to connect to the remote router VPN server. Everything works fine, except that the client can not access any devices connect to...