ASUS RT-AX68U $170

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First sale I've seen. Don't see many comments about this model. Expires tonight.

EDIT: still active this morning, expires when?

EDIT2: Now says 5 more days
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The RT-AX68U was hard to find 2 weeks ago. and the few available were going in the $300+ range so there must have been a large shipment because I just picked one up at BestBuy and now they are being advertised on Amazon at the same $179 price. I paid full retail of course $249 and thought I got a steal, ha, ha. I setup up the AImesh using 2 of these with the 2.4GB backhaul. Working great right now many of the AIMesh issues are disappearing noticed you can even bind mac addresses now to a specific node or main router to prevent roaming on such things as wifi cameras.
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Deal is back on, same price.

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