Asus RT-AX89X or GT-AX6000?


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i own a GT-AX11000 i bought from best buy and can exchange it to get another router im looking for one that i can get atleast 2 2.5g ports one for my modem and the other for my pc im all hardware ready other then the router i also have 4 more asus routers in aimesh hard wired as well i wanted to know what should i get RT-AX89X or GT-AX6000 and i also wanna use the asus merlin for qos for gaming so my gaming pc see can get the most packets and anti spikes. i just wanna see if anyone here has ethier of the routers and see there thoughts on them


Asuswrt-Merlin dev
If you need to run Asuswrt-Merlin then only the GT-AX6000 is an option, as I don't support the RT-AX89X.

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