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Asus RT-ax92u ECC eroor

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Hello recently I got Asus RT-ax92u it been dropped and has stop to function propertly(only wan or lan1 led lit). I have also resolder a new proccesor (on old processor I got messages from uart BTRM V1.6 CPU0 L1CD MMUI MMU7 DATA ZBBS MAIN OTP? OTPP USBT NAND IMG? IMGL UHD? UHDP RLO? RLOP UBI? UBIP), after soldering new proccesor Im getting messages like this on uart (https://pastebin.com/9jQXKAh2), in boot process I can get in to CFE. I have also tried to put it into firmware repair (by holding wps+reset) but it fails to start set up a server.

Any help will be appreciated.
The original processor for RT-AX92U is BCM4906. The new processor is different.

The issue you started with is unlikely to happen because the router was dropped.
As I mentioned before it had zero communication from uart before processor change, do you thing ECC errors are showing because IC and ram have not all pins connected?
do you thing ECC errors are showing because IC and ram have not all pins connected?

Single pin difference between the CPU versions may cause all kind of issues.
You have a bad NAND part, or a bad flash on the NAND...

NAND ECC BCH-8, page size 0x800 bytes, spare size used 108 bytes
NAND flash device: , id 0xc2da block 128KB size 262144KB
Uncorrectable ECC Error: intr 0x70, addr=0x00010000, blk=0,
Uncorrectable ECC Error: intr 0x70, addr=0x00010800, blk=0,

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