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Asus RT-AX92U loses WAN connectivity often

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New Around Here
Hey all,

I've moved to a bigger house with concrete floors lately, meaning a single wireless access point doesn't cut it anymore.
The setup I went with is an ASUS RT-AX92U mesh network with 1 main unit, 1 satellite unit and a wired backbone.

The main unit however seems to lose internet connection once a week, sometimes twice a day.
This mean both wired and wireless clients lose internet connectivity

The syslog seems to be reporting these messages:
Sep  3 16:05:50 kernel: ^[[0;33;41m[ERROR pktrunner] runnerRefreshPathStat,336: Could not get pathIdx<6> stats, rc -5^[[0m
Sep  3 16:05:51 kernel: ^[[0;33;41m[ERROR pktrunner] runnerL2Ucast_refresh_pathstat

The main unit is connected to a provider supplied ONT (Huawei HG8010Hb6), and connects to a tagged VLAN
Does anyone know why this system keeps dropping connection? I've attached the syslogs

Thanks in advance, Jasper


  • asus_rtax92_logs.txt
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I had a constant issue with the AX92U's dropping the connection. I relegated them to AP's

ASUS are recommending these AX92U's on the UK website which stinks , so you know these routers are End of Life. Personally I would return them and get something better.
It's unfortunate you bought the AX92U. Asus just added them to the EOL (End of life) list so they will not receive any further firmware updates or support. As stated above return them for a full refund and pick something different.
Welcome to the forums @Jasp3r.

Return/exchange these for something (more) current.

GT-AX6000 or RT-AX88U Pro are the best buys today (wait for a sale, if needed).
I had the same, rolled back to
Hopefully that will be more stable, as I don't remember the router locking up when I was using last time

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