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Also, FYI, you report using Asus Official and give a Merlin release number. 384.17 is not Asus Official.[/QUOTE]

Thanks for picking that up, have now corrected.


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You can run DHCP on the router. Pi-hole will still register the requests per device.
I finally adjust all the settings and let it run. It gets only better, more and more queries answered in 1ms.

I keep the fail-safe conf for now:
- DHCP on the router
- Pi-hole IP in DHCP
- Cleanbrowsing in WAN

My router is still running Asus stock. I can share my Unbound conf if someone is interested.
No personal inventions, all settings borrowed from other sources, GitHub etc. Works well ATM.
Hey, would you mind sending that conf my way as it will help as i am just starting out with pihole so the more help i get, the better really

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