Asuswrt-Merlin AddOn Developers Donation Links

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AddOn developers create many useful scripts, WebUI addon pages, system extensions and useful utilities to enhance Asuswrt-Merlin supported routers.

These "devs", like RMerlin, do this all voluntarily. This requires lots of time, effort, support of users, upkeep and maintenance. They do it for the challenge, the joy of coding and creating great things for others to use and enjoy!

If you are a user of these AddOns and extensions and want to thank your friendly dev, consider a donation using the links below. The donation can be small or as large as you feel comfortable/can afford!

Its shows the dev you appreciate their work - and want to keep them enthused about continuing to enhance these fine routers!

@thelonelycoder - Diversion, usb disk check at boot, Format Disk, AMTM

@Adamm - Skynet, StubbyDNS, AMCFWM, CakeQOS-Merlin

@Jack Yaz - YazFi, connmon, ntpMerlin, scMerlin, spMerlin, uiDivStats, uiScribe

@dave14305 - FlexQoS, CakeQoS-Merlin

@ttgapers - CakeQOS-Merlin and Suricata

@Xentrk - x3mRouting, Stubby DNS

@GNUton - Asuswrt-Merlin for Asus DSL Routers

@dev_null - vnstat on Merlin

There are other developers and contributors as well - I am still trying to get information from them on donation specifics.

If you are a developer and want to be included in this list, please PM me @JGrana
If I have left off a developer, let me know!

11/11/20 - Added Xentrk
03/20/2021 - Added GNUton, dev_null; updated ttgapers
04/07/2021 - Added dave14305 as co-developer to CakeQoS-Merlin
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A gentle reminder how easy it is to show your appreciation to all the developers.
PayPal is even now utilizing Bitcoin!

Show some holiday spirit to your favorite developers.

Happy Holiday Season all


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I have added a few more devs to the donation link page and done an update

- ttgapers with his new donation link (congratulations on Cake being added to mainline!)
- GNUton for his work with DSL based Asus routers
- dev_null for the vnstat Addon

Folks, these developers put a lot of thoughts and efforts into creating their enhancements to @RMerlin 's firmware. They also support theirs (and others!) works!

It's always nice to thank them in the forum threads.
It's even nicer to donate a little to show support for their work!


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If you like and use scribe please consider donating to Jack Yaz, thelonelycoder, and Adamm, from whom I stole boatloads of code in writing scribe.

Alternately, please consider a donation to METAvivor, a cause near and dear to my heart.

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