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New Addon - ChatAI - have a chat session with Googles Gemini AI Bot

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After adding a chat function to genailogs, I decided to break it out into it's own addon (I will likely be removing the chat function in genailogs RealSoonNow).

I added an optional chat log session feature to save chat sessions.

To install and use, here is the Readme with all the details:


chatai will start an interactive "chat" session with Googles Gemini AI bot.


For Asuswrt-merlin based routers running Entware, using your preferred SSH client/terminal, copy and paste the following command, then press Enter:

/usr/sbin/curl --retry 3 "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/JGrana01/chatai/master/chatai" -o "/jffs/scripts/chatai" && chmod 0755 /jffs/scripts/chatai && /jffs/scripts/chatai install

Before actually using chatai for the first time, you will need to get an API_KEY from Google.

Get the API key from https://aistudio.google.com/app/apikey

Screenshot 2024-04-09 152112.png

Edit the /jffs/addons/chatai/chatai.conf file and put the api key string in the line:

API_KEY="Put your API key here"


chatai (Ver 0.1.1) - start an interactive chat session with Googles Gemini AI

Usage: chatai [log] [show] [help] [install] [uninstall] [update]

log - log the session for later viewing
show - show all the saved chat log sessions
help - show this message
install - install chatai and create addon dir and config file
uninstall - remove chatai and its directory, chatlogs and config file
update - check for and optionally update

Typical usage is to just start chatai:

$ chatai

When chatai begins, it shows you in chat mode and mentions to enter "q" when done:

GeminiAI Chat mode. Enter a line of text and get a response.
Enter q to exit this mode


Ask questions and get (typically) a response in bold

Chatai supports a logging function where it will save a number of chat sesstions in a log file for later viewing. The number of chat sessions saved is configurable (NUMLOGS) in the /jffs/addons/chatai/chatai.conf file.You can also change the location of the chat session logs to a different directory (LOGDIR), again by editing /jffs/addons/chatai/chatai.conf.To enable logging for a session, use the "log" argument:

$ chatai log

To view the chat session, you can use any editor or text viewer to look at the logs/session stored in /jffs/addons/chatai/logs. The files will have the date and time when the chat session started, like this:


As new chat logs are created, chatai will remove the earlist logs to keep the number of files to NUMLOGS. This is configurable.

There is also an argument (show) that will display all the chat sessions (using "more) from the earlist to the most recent.

Here is a typical /jffs/addons/chatai/chatai.conf file:

# chatai conf file

API_KEY="AIzaSyB1y4Nn4rwrSVxH0a3KEXXXXXXXXXXXXXX" # Put here ;-)
LOGDIR="/jffs/addons/chatai/logs" # location to store chat log sessions
NUMLOGS="5" # number of log sessions to save for later viewing

Following good Asuswrt-merlin Addon methods, chatai has install, uninstall and update functions.

Install - will install chatai in /jffs/scripts directory with a symbolic link to /opt/sbin. It also will download any additional applications from Entware that it requires (jq and fold).
A default chatai.conf file is created in /jffs/addons/chatai.
Unistall removes chatai, the symbolic link and the /jffs/addons/chatai directory (and all logs).
Update will query the latest version on github and offer to download and install it.
Have fun with it. Some very good results and some unusual responses... ;-)

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