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Solved AX211 Transfer Speeds

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I've two laptops (Thinkpad P1 Gen5 and Thinkpad P1 Gen6) both have the same identical Intel AX211 WIFI adapter with Windows 11, Connected to my RT-AX88U Running latest Merlin firmware.
Both laptops connect at 1201/1201 Mbps to the router but the Gen5 can transfer data from my Synology NAS at 80MB/s, Gen6 does only 15 MB/s. Upload speed to the NAS is constant at 80 MB/S on both thou.
Both Laptops have the same driver version and I double checked the Advanced Driver options and they match, any ideas ?
Drive in the Gen6 .

If you set the router to 160mhz though you should see double the speed. Using an AX411 with my AP though gets me up to 1.7gbps. I

f you want higher speeds then use thunderbolt instead for those really large transfers and you'll get 10X the speed with a $25 cable between machines. I can do bulk moves between my laptop and server using TB at 1.5GB/s over the 20gbps link.
Set the router to 160Mhz, on the Gen6 download speed tops at about 16 MBps, Windows reports the laptop is connected at 2402/2402 Mbps, Upload is fine at 88 MBps. (NAS is connected to Router via 1Gbps Ethernet cable)
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Set the router to 160Mhz, on the Gen6 download speed tops at about 16 MBps, Upload is fine at 88 MBps.
On the problem laptop uninstall the Intel card and reinstall it. Let Windows choose the drivers for the card and use the default settings.
Gen6 download speed tops at about 16 MBps
What kind of drive and how much free space do you have?

Reason I ask is I run dual NVME drives on my laptop and recently discovered giving windows some breathing room the speed picked up from 1.5GB/s to 3.5GB/s. Before the change I had windows set at 100GB and maybe 5GB free and bumped it to 125GB. it doesn't make sense to me since neither source or destination were the windows partition but, it made a difference.
Solved: Turns out I was using Total Commander to check the copy speed, i tweaked the Copy Options and automagically both laptops transfer at 100 MBps automagically, thanks for the suggestions!

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