AX86 + AC68U AiMesh


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Hi all,

I have a question, currently I am running following setup:

Virgin superhub 3 -> RT-AX86 -

-> Wired - PC
-> WIFI - TV, PS5, one laptop, 2 phones ( galaxy s21)

I have one node at home for AIMesh - RT-AC55.

I am going to replace RT-AC55 with RT-AC68U, which has 386 firmware, works with AiMesh 2 and its obviously much stronger.

I have two questions:

1. Do I need to change any advances settings to get aimesh to work flawlessly or it should work very good "out of the box"? Should I leave smart connect on or off as AC68U doesn't support it?

2. This one is related to AX86 itself, my phone S21 ultra connects into it by wifi6, but sometimes I can see something like I am connected to router but I have no internet access, after a minute or two when my phone reconnect again it is working, but usually I have to switch of an on wifi on the phone in order to have it working. What can be wrong? Basically router is working on stock settings and not sure what might be wrong, 160Mhz channel maybe, should I switch it off?

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