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AX86U running 3004.388.4_0 lost configuration

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I run an AI Mesh setup; main node AX88U with an AX86U AIMesh node, connected via a MOCA based setup.

This last saturday morning I had a brief power outage and upon recovery had no end of difficulties. My wired main PC kept switching between my main 192.168.2.x network, and Eventually I stabilized things by disconnecting the MOCA connection. Examination of the nwtwork on the AX88U showed no AIMesh connected (or even defined) node.

Eventually I was able to do a factory reset on the AX86U and re-add it to the mesh. Yes; it took a bit of time to show up online but is now bavk to working.

Any idea as to what might have happened to the configuration of the AX86U?
It is normally recommended to run Asus firmware on the AiMesh nodes. There is no advantage to running Merlin. As to your failure, it could be the settings were not fully saved and the power failure uncovered them.

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