AX88U 386.4 - Slow WIFI?


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Hi all,

I dirty flashed my AX88u from 386.3_2 to 386.4 and all seems fine, except that it seems that not only does the 5GHz network seems to not do 160mhz as often as it did before, but overall speeds are way slower. I've got both 2.4 and 5 turned on but 2.4 is only for smart devices, so I've just turned down TX Power Adjustment all the way down as there's no need for those.


The thing is, I'm using an AX210 on my laptop and with full or almost full bars I'm getting around 100MB/s on when it should usually hover around 250-300MB/s. I'm not sure if there's some sort of way of doing some kind of "soft" reset without wiping anything, sort of "flush out cache" kind of thing? Just to try it out. Or better, what would be the best to do a full clean reset? If I just press the reset button it will factory reset but keep the 386.4 firmware correct?

These are my 5GHz settings:



Wireless Logs show 80MHz most of the time even though it used to do 160MHz way more often before.

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