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[AX88U] Link bonding

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Hi everyone,

I want to use Link aggregation between my NUC and my router. I enabled the bonding mode under debian on my NUC and specified mode 4, which should be the good type (802.3ad).
I then linked two ethernet ports to the AX88U (ports 1 and 2) and then tried to enable this under the Asus webpage. After a router reboot, my NUC doesn't seem to be accessible from ssh and I can't seem to get it's IP adress. If i remove the link bonding, I can then see my NUC.

Do I need to use a specific jffs script as stated under https://github.com/RMerl/asuswrt-merlin.ng/wiki/Link-Aggregation ? Issue is that the post that is linked is outdated and I'm pretty sure I saw somewhere that we don't have robocfg.

Thanks all!
This works. I've done this with my AX88U in the past, several firmware versions ago. I have not done this with the .388 branch. If you note in my sig I have LACP between my modem and router, and at the time I had both WAN aggregation modem to router and then channel bonding AX88U router to Ubuntu server operating simultaneously. Worked nicely.
I'm running LAG to a managed switch right now (same router) and it definitely works 100%. As long as you have LACP setvup on your NUC it should just work.
Thanks for all your feedback. I tried using the GUI but it didn't work before. However, not sure what I made differently, I think I managed to make it work. From what I can imagine, the configuration of the bond on my NUC wasn't very good and after changing several stuff it now works. Thanks!

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