AX89X strange wifi performance

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i am very surprised of the wifi speed of my AX89X...
When downloading from my server to my laptop, i am never able to go faster than 960 mbps while i can reach 1480 Mbps when uploading.

i am used to go faster when i dw than when i up. And 960 mbps is really slow for AX with an 10gb server...
In very same conditions, a RAX200 was able to reach 1400/1320 mbps so my environment is not an issue i guess
dongknowhow review reached 1400 mbps so i dont understand why mine cant...

I tried the router at a friend place with his laptop and 10gb server. We had exactly the same results.
I change nothing in the router "pro" wifi config.
Any idea of what i should do ?
160 MHz is enabled, i am into 20/40/80/160mhz mode, smartconnect is disabled
I have 22790 fmw, i tried a beta frm i found in another thread, nothing changed
router cpu temp is fine
laptops uses AX200 modules with last intel drivers.



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Hmm, try turning off MU-MIMO and OFDMA.


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applied the beta firmware then factory reset and wifi perfs are now what i was expecting, without any frm settings changes...
A bit surprising since this is not a new router but well, at least, it works !


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Well I’m glad it’s working now. :)

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