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Was over at i-hacked reading their tutorial on BT,
And theres a line of code;airodump-ng --write out --ivs --abg ath0
now I don't have the atheros card on my laptop just the built in eth0 and wlan but no matter what I substitute for ath0 I get the error,no known command --abg,have tried all different combinations;a/b/g etc but to no avail.So was wondering is it because my card doesn't support being put into monitor mode or what??:confused:
You'd save yourself a lot of hassle if you'd find an up-to-date tutorial and buy the exact card they used.
Sometimes we just have to make do with what we have,times are hard and I can't just go out and buy new cards,I mean I haven't got all your money,lol.Yeah was kinda hoping I could do it with the setup I have but not all cards support injection etc apparently,not that I have a clue what injection is.As for the tutorial its the the most up to date one I've come across,all the others are talking about BT v3 this is the latest BT v4.Although if I hadn't of read your great tutorial(many times over and over)I wouldn't have had a clue what they were on about.Just thought it might be a common noob problem and that I was doing something wrong,as usual.Still thx anyway,will just have to wait until christmas before I can go and visit the neighbours,:D

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netstumbler picture

have attached a picture of netstumbler,as you can see(hopefully)my 2 devices are greyed out,as in not supported.:cool:


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Just thought it might be a common noob problem and that I was doing something wrong,as usual.

Because I didn't directly answer the question doesn't mean that's still not the case. For the version of aircrack-ng that ships with BT3, the standard selection parameter is --band. --abg is either a depreciated command or an oversight on the part of the tutorial writer. If your card is properly supported, configured, and specified, simply omitting that parameter would have defaulted to 2.4 GHz traffic.

Injection support has nothing to do with what you are attempting: sniffing traffic. If you can't look at unrecognized option '--abg' "airodump-ng --help" for help and have a reasonable idea what to do next, then you've probably bitten off more than you can chew. Find a good tutorial and match their hardware (at least the chipset); based on this and the previous thread, it's unlikely you'd be able to succeed if the tutorial doesn't have every step explicitly laid out.

Have you confirmed that your card works with Linux?

Doesn't officially support Vista. I use inSSIDer. I haven't evaluated other alternatives to recommend one over the others, but inSSIDer works well enough to replace Netstumbler.
cheers big ears

inSSIDer works great thx 4 that and I make you right on getting a tutorial and matching the chip set with theirs and following exactly their instructions,otherwise its back to school for a crash course on networking etc.Its just that I was out of work and thought I'd give it a try while I had the time to spare.The thing is I haven't got that much time lol.still its an awesome programme that BackTrack and when you get your head around it there will be nothing to stop you.Anyways thx for all your help appreciate it.:):):)

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