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ASUS Orbi rbr50 problem

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New Around Here
I have a Netgear Orbi RBR50 nesh system with 2 RBS50 satellites attached. All running latest firmware. I have Xfinity Gig internet service

Starting last week, I noticed that beginning 9pm or so my internet speeds both hardwired and wifi have been dropping to under 20mps. Speedchecks in the morning give me approx 866mps wifi and hardwired.
When I am getting 20mps wired, if I bypass the router and hookup directly to the modem, I get 866.
I have changed out the cat cables between modem and router, reset the router and now (today) during the day, I getting below 20mps (remember at least the daytime speeds were OK).
Somethings of note:
- After resetting the router, I uploaded a saved config file (saved when thigs were bad). Was this a mistake?
- I believe the modem is good (based on the speeds obtained when I bypassed the router)
- It is possible (but unlikely that I replaced bad cat cables with bad cables but just to rule this out I have new cables on order.

Two weeks ago I downloaded two different torrent programs (one for each of 2 PCs). One PC has qbittorent and the other has Utorrent. Is it possible that one of the programs is responsible?

As I type this I am at 5mps and neither of the two PCs are turned on

Can anyone point me in a direction to resolve this speed issue?

Absolutely no familiarity with that equipment, yet thoughts on two notions from your post: First, restoring a config from "when things were bad" might be a fair test to see if the badness returns after fixing things, but I wouldn't condone it otherwise. So to answer your question with a best guess, yes that was a mistake. At the point in time you restored it that way, everything you did from the time you generated the backup was pitched. Maybe it was no great loss but it definitely cost time.

Secondly: what means do you have at your disposal to monitor the traffic / hardware within your network, especially at those times? Is the router struggling because it's saturated or is it just (majorly) struggling in general?

Certainly there are some sort of system logs exposed for perusal. What do they say?

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