Best Buy AC2917 and Merlin


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You never asked for SMB equipment. I run 4 office locations and my hardware choices are different. Just ask.
I don't think I even heard of SMB then, was not looking for recommendations but enlighten me to what you use. I appreciate any helpful recommendations.

The person I mentioned earlier has recommended many pieces of hardware (servers etc) over the past 10 years and so far he has not led me astray or caused me any buyers remorse, so he has a excellent track record not costing me any time or wasted money.


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Your engineer friend must have all the answers to your questions. Give him a call. This is my best and last recommendation.
I guess I must have missed something. You offered a suggestion. "I run 4 office locations and my hardware choices are different. Just ask."
I took your offer then you change to this?

Don't sell yourself so short, I did not mean to imply I would value your input, I meant the opposite I took you up on your offer.
What I said about him is true, but I don't always agree with him on suggestions and I do purchase things all by myself.

Or was it not really a sincere offer? If you were serious go ahead with what equipment you use and like. Maybe its great stuff.



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@RAJ, this isn't a pleasant conversation for me anymore. Thanks for understanding and good luck.
Sorry you feel that way. I don't know if you are trolling or what. If someone offers help I expect them to follow up on it, maybe it was sarcasm and you never intended to.

If you are open and honest I feel future conversations can be pleasant for you.

Best wishes.

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