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Best N router for my needs

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Okay, so let me start off by saying I've done quite a bit of research so far, but I'm just not sure if I'm correct in my findings/assumptions.

Now, here are what I am going to be using this for and my requirements. First, I want ONE (ie no bridging or using two routers) gigabit, dual-band N router with a USB port for printer sharing. I would also like it to be simultaneous dual-band because as far as I can tell, if I use something that isn't, then the N band will suffer because of it. I will have my macbook using N, my old desktop turned NAS hard wired, a media extender (not currently, but probably in the future) with 5ghz N features, and a slew of G devices (ps3, ipod touch, older laptops.)

I have 5 choices I've narrowed it down to with pros/cons and prices (new) I can find:

Linksys wrt600n
Pros: Good performance for price
Cons: A little bit more expensive, no print server

Linksys wrt610n
Pros: Good performance
Cons: Large periodic throughput dropouts (bad for HD media extending) A little bit more expensive, no print server

D-Link DIR-825
Price: 140$
Pros: Pretty much a cheaper version of DIR-855
Cons: Shareport doesn't work with mac (yes I know I can use parallels or whatever, but that's more work). Smaller 5 ghz range.

D-Link DIR-855
Price: 240$
Pros: Has everything I'd need, period
Cons: PRICE! Shareport doesn't work with mac

Apple Airport Extreme Base Station
Price: 130$ (or 500gb time capsule for 240$)
Pros: Works well with my mac and PCs, very easy to use, very reliable
Cons: Can't use simultaneous bands. No firewall or uPnP (read on PCMag, can anyone confirm)?

Honestly, if anyone has cases of streaming HD with the Airport Extreme while running simultaneous G devices on it not killing the quality of the video then I'm probably going to hop on the Airport.
Sounds like you are sold on the Airport Extreme.

There is no router that is guaranteed to provide flawless HD streaming, particularly not in a crowded airspace.

Note that the Airport will not allow you to run 40 MHz channel bandwidth in 2.4 GHz. That's a good thing anyway, since you will be running another WLAN in 2.4GHz.
Well, the crowded airspace is all theoretical. For the most part it will probably have the N media extender running, a G laptop and/or a ps3 running at the same time. I would say when I'm running HD the most things that would be connected would be 2 N devices and 1 G.
Well, the crowded airspace is all theoretical.
Sorry, but I don't understand this comment.

It's not how many devices are connected, but the bandwidth that they are consuming. If you have 20 Mbps of bandwidth and a HD media stream consuming 15 - 20 Mbps of it, then you will have problems.

Available bandwidth depends on many factors, including adapters used, distance, wall construction and other networks.

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