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Skynet BitBucket Issues

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Recently, after I Installed Skynet, I wasn't able to pull or push commits to BitBucket. I'm scratching my head for several minutes until I realized that this may have something to do with Skynet.

I then checked Skynet outbound logs through the Web UI (Firewall > Skynet) and saw this entry under Last 10 Unique HTTP(s) Blocks (Outbound):

Ban Reason: firehol_level3.netset
Country: US
Details: Alien Vault
Associated Domain: bitbucket.org

This is the IP address of the BitBucket domain name (bitbucket.org).
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If you are a developer that is using repositories hosted under BitBucket, you should unban this IP address. Just ensure that you know what you are doing. Some repositories do host viruses and malwares.

TIL Always check the logs if, for some reason, you can't reach a site even if your internet connection is up. Especially, if you are using add-ons and/or custom scripts.

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