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Issues with loading email links/normal browsing too!

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Hi there,

I have Diversion Standard (standard blocking lists with pixelserv-tls) and Skynet installed. Some web shops are marked as dangerous through normal browsing, but the bulk of the blocks come from following links from emails to web shops (these are trusted emails, with links for new releases, deals etc). I assume it is Diversion preventing me from visiting these sites due to link embedded email campaigns (click tracking?).

Is this normal behaviour of Diversion, and is there a way to circumvent these blocks? If I am missing the point altogether, please let me know! When I say normal browsing blocks web shops as well, these are well known/massive brands.
The recommendation today (and will be the standard when Diversion gets updated, expected soon), is to not use pixelserv-tls (it is abandonware today) and use Diversion Lite instead.
You may not need to uninstall. See if you can switch to Diversion lite.
Uninstalled diversion and installed diversion lite. Ad blocking now going to which I assume is correct.

It seems to be ad.doubleclick.net and trk.klclick1.com that never loads, the URL never updates to the correct web address after clicking on a link from an email. If I remove the click tracking link from the URL, the web page loads as normal.

Very bizarre.

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