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Bought a European AX86U Pro Not UK Model

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Hi all

Bought an AX86U Pro for my parents as they are having a new fibre line installed. They were stuck on a British Telecom Hub and it was a pain.
I found as you could not split the wifi bands which I normally like to do. Also as they required their old landline phone number they had no choice but to use the BT hardware too which was annoying

Ive now transferred the VOIP number to a specialist standalone VOIP provider (bought a VOIP gateway ready too) so we are not tied to a certain provider for broadband now - anyway I digress a bit here

As part of their upgrade I bought a European AX86U Pro as it was maybe £100 cheaper than the UK version - and it is an expensive router anyway to me......I know they would certainly not pay that money - So thats my fault

Anyway upgraded the firmware to Merlin on it last night and then started thinking ah hell what exactly are the difference between a UK and European model......from google it seems there maybe power differences or channel differences

Would I be able to tell the difference from the Merlin software. Im not seeing anything that I havent seen before really but it has been a while since ive used an Asus and Merlin

Appreciate any advice - I can see this one being returned to Amazon probably!
Asus router's in the uk are still to EU regulations, even after brexit. That would also depend on the EU region. The region of a UK router should identify as Germany.
ssh into the router and enter
nvram get wl1_country_code
If that returns "DE" then it's currently correct for the uk.
Thanks it doesnt return DE but E0

I assume thats the following - does that mean its OK for UK do you think?

E0 / 946 - Country: E0 AND Country Rev: 946 (Asus default setup for Germany [alias “E0”]
E0 isn't Germany. It's reckoned to be general European
nvram get territory_code

To be honest, just look at what 5GHz channels are available - for the uk regs should be 36-64 + 100-140. If you have those it's okay.
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Thanks....tried that too and it was similar...eu/01 I think it said

I have those channels in the 5ghz wifi and was quite impressed overall with the range too but only did quick comparisons

I did buy an asus extender too that i was going to plug in via ethernet but I don't think it's needed tbh and is only in the next room anyway

We did have a bt extender there but for this router I don't think it will make much difference to the blink cameras on the edge of the WiFi signal

Looks good....thanks for your help

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