brand new AC86u has a crashlog. what does any of this mean?

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router crashed again today. this time it was when i logged into the gui this morning and saw the cpu was spiking from 50-100% on both cores. and the memory was over 78%. i logged in because my tablet was disconnected overnight. i figured it was probably because i setup mac address filering before i went to sleep. but i checked and saw its mac was already listed, nothing else with that mac was connected. but i was also puzzled as to why the ssid was unhidden when i'm almost positive i had it hidden. the tablet also was not seeing it even though the gui showed it not checked and unhidden. maybe i thought it was hidden and it wasn't so i went to hide it, and i also went to shut off samba and media share. i already had samba shut off. but for some reason he usb media share was on. maybe i forgot, very strange. after shutting these things off and apparently the router crashed. memory went from from 78 to 53% and cpu went back to normal 0-7%.

this happened right before crash;

Oct 25 10:33:00 kernel: ^[[0;33;41m[ERROR mcast] bcm_mcast_netlink_process_snoop_cfg,884: interface 20 could not be found^[[0m
Oct 25 10:33:00 kernel: ^[[0;33;41m[ERROR mcast] bcm_mcast_netlink_process_snoop_cfg,884: interface 20 could not be found^[[0m
Oct 25 10:33:00 FTP_Server: daemon is stopped
Oct 25 10:33:00 Samba_Server: smb daemon is stopped
Oct 25 10:33:00 Timemachine: daemon is stopped
Oct 25 10:33:00 syslogd exiting

maybe it was possible this is what was causing the high cpu usage and memory? this has me worried. i thought i had turned off all the usb settings but i was spending 12 hours yesterday trying to fix my router after changing to the laest firmware to test out the new aimesh features. i started having all sorts of dns, dhcp, and vpn issues. even my wan ip kept changing it was all a nightmare. i thought my isp was doing its best to stop me from using a vpn. I kept switching firmwares and hard resetting. cpu started going crazy. things just kept getting worse and worse till my vpn wouldn't even connect anymore. kept saying i had to specify ca even though it wouldn't save it if i manually put it in. i actually hooked up my old ac66u_b1 and boxed up the ac86u for return lol. but then i decided to format the jfss partition after reading that suggesttion on mullvad forums was an option and everything seemed to be running as normal again till this morning. only suspicious activity i see in the logs between last night and today are;

Oct 25 00:28:43 kernel: Init chrdev /dev/detector with major 190
Oct 25 00:28:43 kernel: tdts: tcp_conn_max = 8000
Oct 25 00:28:43 kernel: tdts: tcp_conn_timeout = 300 sec
Oct 25 00:28:44 kernel: SHN Release Version: 2.0.1 890c91d
Oct 25 00:28:44 kernel: UDB Core Version: 0.2.18
Oct 25 00:28:44 kernel: Init chrdev /dev/idpfw with major 191
Oct 25 00:28:44 kernel: IDPfw: flush fc
Oct 25 00:28:44 kernel: IDPfw: IDPfw is ready
Oct 25 00:28:44 kernel: sizeof forward pkt param = 280
Oct 25 00:28:44 BWDPI: fun bitmap = 3

i don't know what to say anymore. i turned ai protection back on cause i'm so paranoid now. my memory immediately jumped to 69%, but cpu is still 0-7%


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acually it doesn't look like an actual crash. does the router just have to reboot after you shut off the usb media share options?

maybe that error is nothing to worry about and is just a result of the web gui not being available anymore which looks common when i do a google search. i'm still worried why the media share was enabled, the 5g network was unhidden, my tablet was disconnected and the cpu was maxing out with the ram usage so high.

i put ai protect back on hoping it was not the cause of m original crash which i hope was a qos problem ,because of the vpn, which i still have off. i will keep an eye out. just when i thought i was done and could sleep at night again. lol wondering if ai protect does cause the crashing, maybe thats simply a red flag.


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welp, add me to the long list of people that get this error on the ac86u.

Oct 25 20:14:57 kernel: dcd[2649]: unhandled level 3 translation fault (11) at 0x00000000, esr 0x92000007
Oct 25 20:14:57 kernel: pgd = ffffffc01161e000
Oct 25 20:14:57 kernel: [00000000] *pgd=000000000c200003, *pud=000000000c200003, *pmd=000000000c35c003, *pte=0000000000000000
Oct 25 20:14:57 kernel: CPU: 1 PID: 2649 Comm: dcd Tainted: P O 4.1.27 #2
Oct 25 20:14:57 kernel: Hardware name: Broadcom-v8A (DT)
Oct 25 20:14:57 kernel: task: ffffffc01523abc0 ti: ffffffc0124fc000 task.ti: ffffffc0124fc000
Oct 25 20:14:57 kernel: PC is at 0xf748ef44
Oct 25 20:14:57 kernel: LR is at 0x1dc74
Oct 25 20:14:57 kernel: pc : [<00000000f748ef44>] lr : [<000000000001dc74>] pstate: 600e0010
Oct 25 20:14:57 kernel: sp : 00000000ffa2c728
Oct 25 20:14:57 kernel: x12: 000000000009ff08
Oct 25 20:14:57 kernel: x11: 00000000f67ff024 x10: 00000000000a02ac
Oct 25 20:14:57 kernel: x9 : 00000000f67fff34 x8 : 00000000000a0764
Oct 25 20:14:57 kernel: x7 : 00000000f67fff64 x6 : 00000000000a075e
Oct 25 20:14:57 kernel: x5 : 0000000000000000 x4 : 00000000f67fff18
Oct 25 20:14:57 kernel: x3 : 0000000000000000 x2 : 0000000000000000
Oct 25 20:14:57 kernel: x1 : 000000000007c66c x0 : 0000000000000000

first time i'm seeing it. only thing thats different now is i have ai protection and qos on while also having a guest network. only issue i ever got before was the dcd tainted issue but never unhandled level 3 translation. my dcd tainted issue as described above was the fact i had traffic analyzer on, even though ai protection and qos was off, just having traffic analyzer on caused the tainted issue.

this time i'm going to turn off qos and leave ai protection on and see what happens. I don' know wha posessed me to also turn qos on again. if it still happens i will have to shut ai protection off too, again. or maybe i just leave it on and let the thing keep crashing? could that ruin he hardware?

this unhandled exception error i wonder if related to aimesh and guest network? or who knows because this router is so flaky everyday there is a new mysterious issue. its like a glass eggshell you can't touch. i feel like i have to use as little settings as i can and once its working walk slowly away lmao... with every firmware update i will have to make the sign of he cross. whats crazy is i don't even run scripts or do anything crazy. i'm a simple user lol.

edit: looking at that crash its the same exact crash i had before. only difference is the first line with level 3 unhadled translation but its gotta be the similar crash. and when i was getting it before ai protection and qos was already off. only thing on was traffic analyzer. so i dunno. it just seems like you can't use any features on this router at all, or you get these crashes. fkn pitiful... still wonder if its cause i'm using a vpn.
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Not sure if helpful:

I started having this soon after installing my new AC86U and after testing AiProtection and disabling it again. It just seems related to having used AiProtection for a moment, but the error stayed when I disabled it again.

I always thought one day I'd go ahead and do a complete reset of my AC86U and hope not enabling AiProtection would keep that error away. No idea if it would work.
went back up and read my post on this issue. its actually related to using the vpn, and maybe combination of having ai protection on. it was when using wireguard on the app on my pc. do you use a vpn as well?

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