[BUG] Wireless MAC table can not accept deletes

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Two AX58Us in mesh mode where Wireless MAC Filter table has 25 entries and NO entries can be removed in order to make room for new entries, ofc assuming the table has a max size of 25 entries. When a new entry is added and APPLYed, the table returns without the new entry and with no errors, but most troubling, when an old entry is removed and APPLYed, the table returns without the deletion and no errors, thus deadlock, of sorts. I'm stuck unable to add new wireless devices and would appreciate resolution. Thanks!


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If it's a bug, perhaps the only solution is a factory reset. I know, not what ppl want to hear, but again, if it's BUG, and you're NOT using third-party firmware (in which case you might be able to use the shell (ssh) to locate the storage for that information in nvram, and clear it manually), that may be your only immediate option.


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Thx eibgrad, factory reset is now on my Least Most Favorite Todo List, lol. Perhaps someone from Asus will catch the post and take a look.

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