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YazFi Can/Should YazFi be installed on external USB drive?

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(Sorry for the noob question, I have tried to search the forums for an answer but can't find it)

Is it possible to install YazFi on a USB flash drive rather than the router's internal memory? I understand that YazFi will require writing to disk and I wanted to reduce the risk of wearing out the internal memory. Therefore, I'm thinking that it's best to install YazFi on an external flash drive since this will be easier to replace than internal memory if there's an issue.

I inserted a USB flash drive into my ASUS RT-AX86U running Merlin. I then installed YazFi using AMTM and followed the instructions via AMTM but I don't remember getting an option to store it on USB, so I don't even know if it's possible. Is there a way that I can even check where YazFi is stored? (Again, sorry for the noob question) Thanks.
YazFi installs the main file(s) to /jffs/scripts/YazFi along with additional files to /jffs/addons/YazFi.d

Could it be installed to a USB drive? Wild guess is it might be possible, it likely may involve rewriting the installer language. Could it impact how YazFi runs? Possible to likely. Haven't delved into the YazFi code in a good long while.

If YazFi or any other add-on script that is installed to the /jffs/ location were really a problem with
"wearing out" the router's memory it would have come to someone's attention by now as some of these scripts have been around for 3 years or more.
I don't think anything essential to one's setup should be installed on an external drive.

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