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  1. M

    Solved Infos about fixed Issues with chromecast on shield and homekit (bonjour and mdns)

    I want to share info about issues i could recently solve. I haven‘t seen my via ethernet attached shield as a chromecast target any more. I found out that I had to disable „Enable IGMP Snooping“ under wireless professional and the shield has shown up again. The other issue I could solve was...
  2. M

    Cast Chromecast from OpenVPN client

    Hi, I've been spending days trying to be able to cast to my Chromecast without being in my WiFi (to send a movie to my mother when I'm not at home...) and had no luck. It'd also be useful for other services, like Sonos. I read some threads here about connectivity between guest networks, but my...
  3. I

    Entware RADIUS options

    I used the search and I couldn't find anything newer than 2018 on this topic. As we all know, that's pretty ancient for technology. Is FreeRadius2 still the best option for using RADIUS in your environment? Do people find that it isn't even worthwhile since streaming devices don't seem to...
  4. d0g

    Any way to use VPN only for certain clients?

    I have OpenVPN set up on (Surfshark) on my RT-AC87U, but I want ONLY my chromecast to use it ... not every device in the house. Is this possible?
  5. J

    Connection issue with Chromecast and Asus RT-AX58U

    Hi! I have bought a new rt-ax58u router and i am having some issues with the connection to my chromecasts. The wifi itself works flawless, both in smart connect mode and with separate bands (2.4 & 5 ghz). But when i try to connect my chromecasts to the new wifi, i can only get as far as to the...
  6. idefix

    Google Home/Chromecast Issues with AX88U and AX92U

    Hi guys, I recently migrated my network from a AC3200 and a few range extenders to a AX88U (main router running latest MerlinWRT) with 2 AI Mesch Routers connected to it (AX92U running latest stock FW). Since the migration, I have very strange issues with my Google Home/Chromecast setup. Here...
  7. N

    [SOLVED] Doubt about custom iptables script

    Greetings, My problem: i have a chromecast and recently some people found a way to abuse them since they open several ports to the outside. Google's answer to that was "the chromecast is working correctly, the problem is that your router is misconfigured, you need to disable upnp and the...
  8. U

    CastHack - aka. what do PewDiePie and UPnP have in common

    A couple of hackers are having some success exploiting insecure UPnP implementations on home residents and corporate routers to take control of Chromecast devices via a long running bug. This is what a Google Community Manager had to say: GraceFromGoogle Google Community Manager - Hardware 13...
  9. D

    Chromecast Devices Not Showing Up - RT-AC88U

    Hey all - I've been using Merlin for quite sometime now and have just recently had issues where ALL of my chromecast type devices do not show up on any of my wireless devices (2 laptops both windows and multiple android phones) I've currently got a Home, mini and 3 chromecast hooked up to my...
  10. C

    Tested & recommended Miracast Receivers/ Adapter dongles to transmit from Notebook to TV?

    Tested & recommended Miracast Receivers/ Adapter dongles to transmit from Notebook to TV? I did look on Amazon. Some expensive branded ones and others inexpensive and still seem good. But, I trust the experiences of people here more than general crowd on Amazon. - Suggestions/ experiences...