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We've been using the Circle Disney device for several years now to help manage our kids use of the Internet. We have 5 kids at home with at least 2 devices per kid. We recently upgraded to the Comcast 1 gbps service and found out that our old circle was unsupported, so we got a new one. We had to put the new one in Compatibility mode to work with our model of Comcast gateway. When we did that, we found that the speeds of Circle-managed devices would not go above about 250 mbps down. After some back and forth with Circle, we were told that because we're using compatibility mode we would be limited on our speeds on managed devices. That is not acceptable to me, so I'd like to look into other solutions, specifically Ubiquiti options, since I have 2 AC Pros, a CloudKeyGen2 and 5 G3 cameras. I would love content filtering and time limits per kid, but I'd possibly be willing to settle for time limits. I know the ComCast device has some of these capabilities, but I'd rather do Ubiquiti, if I can.

Do any of their devices do what I want to do?

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