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Commscope CSMAPDU9VPI 9-Port amplifier

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I own a campground. I am trying to run our internet through our current coax cables so I can add wired extenders throughout the park. We use Holland amplifiers to amplify the cable signal. I understand they are not MoCA compatible. If we don't use any amplifiers we lose signal to our further campsites. We were thinking of buying the 'Commscope CSMAPDU9VPI 9-Port amplifier' to help boost our cable, however, I can't find how much it would boost it.

Do you have any suggestions to how we could maybe bypass the amplifier with the internet? We have tried various of ways to use splitters so we don't push the MoCA through the amplifier, yet we seem to lose connection.

Do you have any suggestions for better amplifiers that would work best for my scenario?

Absolutely anything helps. Thank you for everything in advance!
That is a unity gain amp. In other words, it amplifies enough that there is no insertion loss through the amp.

btw, posting in the moca section would be better.
a sketch of your coax layout with all device model #s would help the discussion.
Is the coax carrying more than moca bands ? If so, what frequency bands are in use ?

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