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Cisco SMB WRP500-A-K9 End Of Sale Date 3/15/2019


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If you want one of these time is running out. Not the easiest device to set up, but when done properly this device is flawless. There is a engineering special ES firmware that is not offered unless you jump through hoops to get it with Cisco. It addresses CVE-2015-6358 man-in-the-middle attack vulnerability. I use it with Comcast via a Netgear C7000 V1 bridged, and Phonepower VOIP using SIP credentials. Link at bottom of post for ES firmware patch. is last release available firmware and then you need to get the patched version bin. End Of Support Date for this device is 3/31/2024. I would gather this will be the last small form factor router/voip device made by Cisco. This has dual band 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless AC and backwards. Not the most powerful antenna's, although an extender will be needed for a larger office or home.

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I try to avoid Cisco gear which requires TAC support. You have to pay every year for TAC support. Do you happen to know what it costs?

Cisco pro gear runs great. I used it for years before I retired.

I just looked this device up. It is listed under small business devices. I am confused I thought Cisco small business devices had free software updates. It looks like a nice small travel router.


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Cheapest in stock is at allhd.com $195 free ship. There are firmware updates for device, although they decided to not place the special ES firmware on the device web page at cisco. So wrong actually. I did not pay for update and my WRP500 is over a year old. I do not have a support contract either. Make them feel your pain.

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