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Cloudflare being rerouted by my ISP

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Im aware this is more related to cloudflare than asus merlin firmware but still wanted to consult here.

I noticed a couple days ago that latency to significantly increased from 40ms to 90ms. After doing some checks, i noticed that my ISP is rerouting all the 1/8 network via United States and not Colombia. I have 2 closer cloudflare servers with lower latency than Atlanta server.

Besides contacting my ISP, i was wondering if there is any way i could force requests to go to my closest server located on my city.



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You will likely find it is using DoT that is causing this distant routing. I have the same issue with Quad9 in the states. I have not contacted my ISP about this but it might be worth a try...

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i will contact my ISP. i do think this is a long shot but what the heck.
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i will contact my ISP. i do think this is a long shot but what the heck.

regarding my setup, what if i replace for the IP of the cloudflare closest server ( at my routers WAN page?

Cloudflare DNS is running over their CDN, so hope this helps..

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