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Coax Topology for MoCA

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I habe 3 coax cables running in my house, one to each floor.
they are however not connected from both ends.
They all start in the basement, and run to each floor.
so my question is, how do I connect them, to have a MOCA ready connection?
If I use a one to four coax distributor(4 way splitter), does it make any difference which end is connected to the „input“ and which to the „output“?
Can I habe both MOCA adaptors at the outputs? Or one at the input and one at the output?


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Absent a TV or DOCSIS signal forcing the topology, my preference is still having all the MoCA adapters on the output ports of a right-sized “designed for MoCA 2.x” splitter, with its input port capped w/ a “PoE” MoCA filter and 75-ohm terminator. Others prefer connecting the main adapter to the splitter input and the remaining adapters to the outputs (NO filter in this case), with the splitter outputs reduced by one since one adapter has shifted to the input port. (examples)
Can I habe both MOCA adaptors at the outputs?
If just trying to link two locations, absent external TV or cable Internet signal feed, the simplest and best performing solution is to just join their respective coax lines using a 3 GHz F-81 barrel connector to form a direct coax connection.

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