Coaxial —> RJ45 converter?


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Hi all,

I just moved into a new 2-story house with pre-existing coaxial wiring, but its not wired with CAT5 like my old place.

My current setup is:
Arris surfboard modem - connected to ISP via coaxial wall jack.
My router (Linksys AC1900 dual band) is connected directly to the modem via RJ45, distributed out from there and all is well....

What I’d like to do:
Setup an Access Point/AP for extended range & bandwidth, and be able to seamlessly move back & forth from main Network and AP, depending on which has the stronger signal in a given location.

The room I’d like to add the AP has a coaxial jack, so I’m wondering if I can get some sort of coaxial —> RJ45 converter, so I can plug it into the router I’ll be using as the AP.
Is there such a thing? Any suggestions?
I’ve done a lot of searching for something that might work and all I’ve really found is this:
RG-6 Coax Cable over UTP Cat5e/6 Extender Balun Converter Adapter, sender & receiver

Not sure if it would really work though.
Thanks in advance!


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What you need are MOCA adapters. Search this sit for information abouts MOCA. They are not a passive devices like you were looking for but with a pair of these devices you will be able to do exactly what you want. If you can't use Ethernet then MOCA is usually recommended as the second best option.

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