Confusion about IP assignments on RT-AC88U with Dish Hopper/Joey Wifi

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I have a Dish Hopper with Sling and Joey setup using Wifi. The Hopper is the main set top box and the Joey is the smaller box on the second TV.

I have found three different MAC addresses associated with this setup. For brevity, I will refer to them only by the last byte... :7C, :7A and :60.

My Router is configured as follows...
The LAN DHCP Assignments are set up to manually assign IP addresses to the three MAC addresses...
:7C =
:60 =
:7A =

The Hopper connects to my second 5GHz Guest network, which uses a MAC Filter that accepts the three MAC addresses.

Looking at the Hopper network connection on the TV, it is connected to the correct network and shows the wireless MAC address :)7C) and the MoCA address :)7A), but the IP is actually (not a manual assignment). Looking at the Joey on the TV, it shows the IP address as and MAC address :60. But then looking at the router's network map, it is showing the Wifi MAC address :7C with IP under the 5GHz guest network interface with MAC and IP binding turned off. It also shows the Joey MAC :60 as IP, but it is listed under the WIRED interface.

This is very confusing. Why is MAC address :7C not manually assigned to And why is IP showing as wired?

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