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CPU spikes AX56U

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Every 3 minutes my AX56U CPU usage will spike to about 80% usage on all cores.

These processes are
1487 1 admin S 5348 1.0 2 3.2 /usr/sbin/wlc_monitor
425 2 admin SWN 0 0.0 0 2.7 [jffs2_gcd_mtd9]

The router is configured in access point mode.

Any idea how to either disable wlc_monitor or fix this?

Perhaps this?

What exactly is not working and needs fixing?
Perhaps this?

What exactly is not working and needs fixing?
If it were maintenance I'd like to disable it as it's been like this for 2 months :) I'm on AP mode on the latest firmware so no VPN usage.

I get stutters with my low latency streaming everytime the cpu usage is pegged like that.
Can I revive this? I am similarly on Asuswrt-merlin and experiencing the same. Occasionally, maybe about 3 minutes like OP mentioned get HEAVY usage on all 4 cores of my RT-AX88U which is my main router.

I enabled SSH and used top to identify /usr/sbin/wlc_monitor as the driver of the usage. When it spikes it it causes lag spikes on the network.

Anyone know what this is or why it might be spiking and how to stop it from doing so?


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