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High CPU usage AC68U

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Currently using AC68U with 386.12 Merlin loaded.

Anyone know why dcd may use a lot of CPU usage? Based on what I can find, dcd appears to be related to Trend Micro AiProtection which I do have enabled.
Don't think I've seen this behavior before though but it has been over a 100 days since I last rebooted the router so it may be time. But before I do that, I want to understand better why this is happening if anyone can chime in.

Currently using AC68U with 386.12 Merlin loaded.

Perhaps because DCD crashes and restarts constantly. This bug was fixed in 386.12_2 and then another OpenVPN bug was fixed in 386.12_4. Update your firmware.

Ah shoot, I should have checked the changelogs and see if it mentioned anything there... Thank you!
It happens. Also your router is perhaps telling you there is a firmware upgrade available.

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