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Custom DDNS Scripts

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New Around Here
With the imminent demise of Google Domains, and their sell-off to Squarespace, I have been looking for another domain registrar. One that gets mentioned a lot is Porkbun. I did find a custom Porkbun script in the Wiki, but was wondering if anyone is actually successfully using it. I see reference to both an APIKEY and SECRETKEY, which can be obtained from the Porkbun domain management GUI, but not sure where the "ID" variable comes from.


Reading the WIki, it points you to the Porkbun site that describes its API. Apparently you need to first use the API to get get the "ID". I think that is where the limit of my tech ability is failing me!

Looking for feedback from any current ASUS Merlin users successfully using the custom script to keep their IP address up to date! I don't want to transfer my Domain and find out I cannot easily update the DNS entry.
Alternative: use Cloudflare DNS name servers with a Porkbun domain.

Then you can use Inadyn to update your DNS records when your IP changes.

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