Custom firmware build for R7800 v.


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With this firmware, is anyone experiencing slow write speeds over eSATA based storage (NTFS formatted drive)? (Read speeds in the 90MB/s+ range, but writes are in the 20-30MB/s range).
Just warning (eSATA), be careful: I had two issues using eSATA disks resulting in not-recoverable bricks. It happened with R7500, but R7800 is very close to R7500 IMO. Both of my R7500 were bricked with the same symptoms: amber eSATA LED and nothing more. Different routers and different eSATA disks (2.5" and 3.5"). Pure stock firmware, no any third party or my build. I suppose it is hardware problem with eSATA (alien power supply or so). So I avoid eSATA drives using for R7800 after two RMA R7500.



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I will try a USB 3 enclosure and see if the performance improves.

I was using an old USB 2 based enclosure that offered eSATA (sata3) interface. I have a USB 3 enclosure also, but it is one of the vertical mounting one, and thus takes more physical space.

Stock firmware: Read 70-80MB/s, 60-70MB/s writes (eSATA) Read 90-97MB/s, Write 24-30MB/s (eSATA)

hmm, strange, it still writes slowly when using a USB 3 enclosure, hovers around 30-35MB/s for writes and reads slows to 70-75MB/s.

The drive is a WDC WD20EARX


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@Voxel & @bodean,

Regarding NAT loopback... It does indeed work. My issue was with my Synology NAS. Look like enabling the "Enable customized domain" option interferes with NAT loopback. After disabling that option everything works as expected.

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