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  1. R

    R7800; adding USB WiFi adapter

    I will be adding a USB adapter for a PC on our home network. Devices on wireless are being served by an R7800 router using Voxel firmware. Older AC USB WiFi adapters are still available, but since they are older issue, they cost as much or more than similar current AX USB WiFi adapters. I...

    Tutorial Adding custom SSID and specific VLAN (for IOT for example)

    Hello, I will describe here my experience regarding the creation of an additional SSID (on top of the main and guest ones) on a R7800 in AP mode, with @Voxel's firmware, and having it in its own VLAN. So I have my main router (no wifi) under OpenWrt. The router is connected with ethernet to...
  3. N

    Request for help: Open WRT on R7800

    Hi All, I'm a complete beginner with no technical knowledge. Been struggling for the past 6 hours with this / been unsuccessful with what I can find. I have a Netgear X4S (R7800) and a TalkTalk Router/Modem combo. I was using the X4S (Wan Port) connected to TalkTalk Router (Lan Port). I was...
  4. Q

    Voxel R7800 + Voxel, IPv6 Prefix Delegation? [resolved]

    Hello all, I'm trying to configure IPv6 DHCP now that my ISP supposedly has started v6 roll-out for their bridged modems. The only instruction they gave was to enable PD and set the PD size to /56. I have found /etc/dhcp6c.conf and understand that this file can be used to alter DHCP6 settings...
  5. N

    Netgear R7800 upgrade (to WiFi 6?)

    Hi All, I'm based in the UK and have a modern flat circa 1,100 square feet. Currently using a Netgear R7800 running Voxel firmware, which i've had for a little over 4 years and has served me well. I have a new Mac which is WiFi 6 (ax) compatible and considering whether worth upgrading from...

    Entware Suricata

    Anyone using Suricata on their Voxel-Netgear router (with Entware)? https://suricata.io
  7. C

    Should I upgrade R7800 to RT-AX86U

    In the last couple of months, the number of AX clients I have grew from 2 to 7. In addition to these, I have several clients that use AC and a few that only support N 2.4Ghz (printers, security cameras). I have R7800 running OpenWRT. The house is about 1300sf on one floor. Router is located in...
  8. kamoj

    Kamoj Kamoj Addon 5.5 Beta for Netgear R7800/R8900/R9000 with Voxel FW

    I make beta versions of the next kamoj add-on. The 5.5 beta has a lot more functions than the 5.0 beta and 5.4 betas. The objective is to in the near future make an official release! But first I need some voluntary testers to find serious bugs, anyone is welcome to test 5.5 beta. To be a beta...
  9. B

    Upgrade R7800 or not

    Hi All, I’m trying to decide whether to upgrade my Netgear R7800 router and am considering the RAX20. I don’t want to spend alot and like the price point of the RAX20. Would the RAX20 show noticeable performance improvement or would I have to move to the RAX45? Our family has 5 laptops, 6...
  10. kamoj

    Kamoj Kamoj Add-on Beta testing II

    This thread is now obsolete, please continue with: https://www.snbforums.com/threads/kamoj-addon-5-5-beta-for-netgear-r7800-r8900-r9000-with-voxel-fw.76440/ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I make beta...
  11. V

    R7800 the lan ports are periodically disconnected

    Hi. I'm using R7800 for more then 3 year. I use Netgear firmware. But lately the following happens - suddenly the lan port(s) is disconnected for 3-5 seconds and then the connection is restored. At the same time WiFi works normally. I have seen reports of similar problems on the Netgear...
  12. N

    How many more years can i expect R7800 to receive updates?

    I bought r7800 about two years back and has been running voxels firmware almost from the beginning. It’s been rock solid (thanks @Voxel). From my understanding this router is 4 years old and netgear has stopped manufacturing it. So how many more years before it’s EOL. Is voxel still going to...
  13. arabesc

    Tutorial HOWTO fix stock busybox/sed insert command on your R7800/R9000/etc

    During NG firmware script patching research I've realized that stock busybox/sed tool has a bug - the insert command doesn't work properly. Here is a test: # printf "1\n3" | /bin/sed '/3/i 2' | hexdump -C The buggy output is: 00000000 31 0a 32 01 33 |1.2.3| And the expected output is: 00000000...
  14. A

    have Intel 9560 card w/ true 160MHz; am in very congested environment--don't need speed, just a clear channel. Router that can do this? Sorry, NOOB

    I have a Dell Vostro with an Intel 9560 160 MHz card. I'm trying to understand what it is capable of and what it is not. My understanding is that the one advantage that it might have is that it could utilize a true 160MHz channel if a router supported it (and there's only three that do...
  15. W

    Voxel [R7800] suggestions/experiences about best supported VPN providers (kamoj users are very welcome)

    Hi everybody, I'm the new kid in town :), a new-owner of netgear r7800. I've got a gigabit fiber line and reach about 500Mbit down, 180 up. I've installed last Voxel firmware and I'm going to use the kamoj add on. In the following days probably there will be some special offers for VPN: usually...
  16. C

    Help identifying what is draining my bandwidth

    I have a pretty fast service, around 350MB - 500MB. The problem is stability, with streaming lagging and I have had my USP out to visit a few times and they can not solve the issue. The most recent technician said that we are downloading over 400mg per week and some device is draining the...
  17. TsukiKanade

    Reinstalling DNSCrypt2 (Solved)

    Hello! I'm not sure if this is the proper place to ask this, and if it isn't, I apologize. I've seem to run into an issue where, using Kamoj's excellent addon, I get the error message "DNSCrypt v2 is not running, but is enabled" under DNSCrypt v2 Servers on my R7800. No problem. Searching...
  18. Voxel

    Voxel Custom firmware build for R7800 v. & v. & v.

    Continuation of . . . https://www.snbforums.com/threads/custom-firmware-build-for-r7800-v-1-0-2-78sf.64890/ https://www.snbforums.com/threads/custom-firmware-build-for-r7800-v-1-0-2-79sf.65364/ New version of my custom firmware build: Changes (vs 1. Toolchain: Go is...
  19. LeKeiser

    R7800 Temperature

    Hello everyone, Just curious, what is the temperature of your R7800? Mine is between 52°C and 56° in a room at 22/23°C I think it's perfect; spec wise. I also have a cooler for laptops, I can gain about 6/8°C when I turn it on, but it makes some noise in the bedroom, so...
  20. A

    Is a dedicated wireless backhaul better for a wireless bridge?

    I understand why it's better for "mesh" systems, which have repeaters, but my use case is to connect an AC86U as a media bridge (stock Asus firmware) to a R7800 as the main router. This AC68U will go behind the TV where I'll run Ethernet to several devices from it. Right now I have it connected...