1. Voxel

    Custom firmware build for R7800 v. & v.

    Continuation of . . . https://www.snbforums.com/threads/custom-firmware-build-for-r7800-v-1-0-2-78sf.64890/ https://www.snbforums.com/threads/custom-firmware-build-for-r7800-v-1-0-2-79sf.65364/ New version of my custom firmware build: Changes (vs 1. Toolchain: Go is...
  2. L

    R7800 Temperature

    Hello everyone, Just curious, what is the temperature of your R7800? Mine is between 52°C and 56° in a room at 22/23°C I think it's perfect; spec wise. I also have a cooler for laptops, I can gain about 6/8°C when I turn it on, but it makes some noise in the bedroom, so...
  3. A

    Is a dedicated wireless backhaul better for a wireless bridge?

    I understand why it's better for "mesh" systems, which have repeaters, but my use case is to connect an AC86U as a media bridge (stock Asus firmware) to a R7800 as the main router. This AC68U will go behind the TV where I'll run Ethernet to several devices from it. Right now I have it connected...
  4. Voxel


    Info for Entware users: my version of Entware is upgraded. It is enough to run: /opt/bin/opkg update /opt/bin/opkg upgrade to upgrade your version. Voxel.
  5. T

    I’ve done research but I’m at a bump. R7800 SQM

    I have spent months/weeks on and off researching and hoping to find a resolution to the issues with stuttering or skipping in my games that I was unable to reproduce at my friends place. Thing is, it affects nearly all my systems and games. I thought I was going nuts but I found a correlation...
  6. Voxel

    Custom firmware build for R7800 v.

    Continuation of . . . https://www.snbforums.com/threads/custom-firmware-build-for-r7800-v-1-0-2-76sf-v-1-0-2-76-1sf.63488/ https://www.snbforums.com/threads/custom-firmware-build-for-r7800-v-1-0-2-77sf.64371/ New version of my custom firmware build: Changes (vs 1...
  7. Voxel

    Custom firmware build for R7800 v.

    Continuation of . . . https://www.snbforums.com/threads/c...or-r7800-v-1-0-2-75-1sf-v-1-0-2-75-2sf.62906/ https://www.snbforums.com/threads/custom-firmware-build-for-r7800-v-1-0-2-76sf-v-1-0-2-76-1sf.63488/ New version of my custom firmware build: Changes (vs 1...
  8. P

    r7800 wireless lan speed

    hi all, I'm having trouble with the speed of the connection between my devices and the router(attached image). I'm only getting 300mbps connection. Should I not be getting a lot more on 5ghz AC wifi ? for e.g my desktop is using a intel ac 9260 with updated drivers and I'm only 4 metres away...
  9. kamoj

    AdGuard Home for Netgear R7800 and R8900/R9000

    Support for AdGuard Home is added in the latest beta version of the Kamoj add-on 5.3b1+ (The Kamoj add-on is available after request by PM to kamoj) Voxel Firmware is also required. This thread is a place to discuss Adguard Home, as it functions in the Kamoj add-on. What are your favorite...

    aegis: a firewall blocklist

    aegis is the successor of firewall-blocklist: https://www.snbforums.com/threads/r7800-r9000-probably-others-blocklist-based-firewall-addon.63241/ It starts with version 1.0.0, but is more recent than latest firewall-blocklist aegis A firewall blocklist script for Netgear R7800 and R9000 Routers...

    [R7800] warnings with iptables

    Hello to all, Several R7800 users (maybe other models too) noticed some warnings when restarting the firewall. It does not seem to affect the router functionality, but since a good chunk of people here, are working to make this router better, it would be nice to go to the bottom of these...
  12. D

    Netgear R7800 with Voxel firmware ddns client editing help needed

    Netgear R7800 with Voxel latest firmware ddns client editing help needed. In what file is located the dynamic dns http api url via telnet? I would like to manually add ipv6 address as text to api command that router sends to dynamic dns servers within ip update. Because now if i set manually...
  13. Voxel

    Custom firmware build for R7800 v. & v.

    Continuation of . . . https://www.snbforums.com/threads/custom-firmware-build-for-r7800-v-1-0-2-74-4sf.62646/ https://www.snbforums.com/threads/custom-firmware-build-for-r7800-v-1-0-2-75-1sf-v-1-0-2-75-2sf.62906/ New version of my custom firmware build: Changes (vs

    [R7800, R9000 & probably others] Blocklist based Firewall addon

    DEPRECATED Now use aegis: https://www.snbforums.com/threads/aegis-a-firewall-blocklist.64128/ I made a blocklist based firewall addon for myself, and I improved it to share it here as it can interest others. Firewall Blocklist Firewall blocklist script for Netgear R7800 and R9000 Routers...
  15. N

    Issues with R7800 Resetting Randomly

    I purchased a new R7800 a few months ago. The first thing I did when setting it up was flash Voxel's firmware, because I heard from multiple sources the stock firmware is garbage. I used the newest version posted on myopenrouter.com ( The flashing seemed to go fine, in that the...
  16. T

    [R7800] wireguard-go doesn't get working

    Hi! I tried to get wireguard-go working with Voxel FW. I have Mullvad VPN. I created .conf file by their site and it looks like this: [Interface] PrivateKey = XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Address =,fc00:bbbb:bbbb:bb01::3:8304/128 DNS = [Peer] PublicKey =...
  17. M

    r7800 - repeating syslog message dnsmasq[19634]: NOT DNS Hijack mode!!!

    Since today I have many of these messages in the syslog. Mar 29 18:50:00 dnsmasq[19634]: NOT DNS Hijack mode!!! Mar 29 18:50:01 dnsmasq[19634]: NOT DNS Hijack mode!!! Mar 29 18:50:03 dnsmasq[19634]: NOT DNS Hijack mode!!! Mar 29 18:50:04
  18. G

    R7800 Error: No space left on device - Trying to install Entware

    Hi, I flashed the latest Voxel firmware on a R7800 (75.2) and I decided to try to install Entware. I went through the readme but when I arrived at creating the swap file I got an error that said I hadn't enough space on my usb flash. I read that that was an optional step so i skipped this but...
  19. Voxel

    Custom firmware build for R7800 v. & v.

    Well. This is important release. Mainly because of using new Toolchain including significant changes such as latest GCC compiler v 9.3.0 released Mar 12, 2020 instead of old 4.8.5 (2015). https://gcc.gnu.org/gcc-9/ Goal is obvious: additional performance boost because of modern compiler...
  20. Voxel

    Custom firmware build for R7800 v.

    Not planned release, goal is to fix CVE-2020-8597. Continuation of . . . https://www.snbforums.com/threads/custom-firmware-build-for-r7800-v-1-0-2-74-1sf.61190/ https://www.snbforums.com/threads/custom-firmware-build-for-r7800-v-1-0-2-74-2sf-v-1-0-2-74-3sf.61962/ New version of my custom...