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I know that this forum is about NAS, but maybe someone has some experience with DAS (direct attached storage). I'm looking primarily for affordable fast storage in RAID 1 or 5 array (2-4 disks) so I turned to DAS that has eSATA. I have no need for network storage because I have only one computer. So far what I've looked on the net there are not many solutions and companies that makes DAS cases are somewhat dodgy - usually there's no firmware updates at all, software - if any - is doubtful and the documentation is not helpful with informations.
Thanks in advance for any suggestion.
Wiebetech has great Quality. So does Sonnet.

You could also go with Sans Digital.

I believe Synology has a few options as well, as does QNAP with their QBack devices.

If you want something that seems to have a promising future due to innovative technology, you could always look at the Drobo.
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Does your motherboard have a RAID SATA controller with ports to spare? If so, you may want to create a RAID 1 using 2 of the ports and get an external eSata bracket. Use 2 x eSata HDD enclosures, such as the Antec MX-1. There you go, inexpensive RAID 1 DAS.

If your motherboard doesn't have a RAID controller, or ports to spare, you can get an addon PCI/PCIe card with eSata ports. Several companies make cards with Silicon Image RAID controllers. I prefer the Silicon Image controller. Marvell second. Stay away from JMicron!

Yes, its true these inexpensive SATA RAID cards are host based (software) and will tax your CPU a bit , but if you have a reasonably new PC, you'll likely not notice it much. I've done it several times, and the results are good. The cost of the addon card, 2 x enclosures, and 1TB drives is less than $350.

FYI, I prefer RAID 1 whenever possible. The data on the drive stays in a native format that can be read/recovered more easily. RAID 5 can be very difficult to recover.

My 2 cents
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