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Is it possible to add the output of the most recent DDNS refresh to the DDNS page?

This would make it easy to view whether or not it's working as expected. I use no-ip and I'm sent emails from them to confirm my host names every month.

I would assume that if the DDNS refresh was working then I wouldn't get these emails and so the router DDNS refresh isn't working. Don't know if that's accurate or not and I really haven't looked at the logs to determine whether or not it's working.

I remember DD-WRT did this when I was using it with a very old Linksys router many moons ago. Not a big deal but if it's straightforward to implement, I think it would be useful to have in AsusWRT-Merlin as well.

No-IP's free service requires that manual confirmation, it is unrelated to whether the domain is updated with your IP using a ddns client (including their own)

Source: I'm a No-IP free user and have been for many years. You have to upgrade to the paid service to remove the manual confirmation requirement
Well, that's too bad. Sucks to be me :)

In any case, it would still be useful for other services and even to know that my IP was updated, if required.
It's already there:


It used to appear as an alert() popup when accessing the page, and got moved to an inline field in 384.11.

Don't really want to tackle the current IP case however, as it's not as straightforward (first issue being updates aren't instantaneous as they depend on the provider's TTL).

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