DHCP, Starlink, and ASUS RT-AC68U Issues


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I've spent a couple of nights trying to replace the Starlink Gen 2 (square dish; low tier service (i.e., not the $500/mo. deal)) and have run into complications pointing to the DHCP. I've searched this issue and on the second night I thought I had resolved it but the DHCP issue resurfaced after about 30 minutes. It's been a couple of weeks since these failed attempts so I can't remember the details. Given the failures I've been reluctant to try it again without some additional knowledge or ideas of how to overcome this problem.

I have the Starlink ethernet adapter. The ASUS router has the latest Merlin asuswrt. I'm trying to make the initial setup via ethernet. Has anyone run into this issue and found a solution? If not, any suggestions?

Much thanks in advance!


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From what I know of StarLink from reddit, trying to use a router other than the included one as the router for your network is difficult/frustrating/pointless.
your Asus will best be used as an AP.


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I don't know how anyone can be expected to help when you've provided no details as to your problems. You've only made a vague reference to DHCP and "complications".

If it was *me*, I would use the OEM provided router for initial setup and configuration. Why complicate matters when you're just starting out?

As far as using third-party routers, I've been following Chris Sherwood w/ CrossTalk Solutions over on YouTube and his experiences w/ Starlink. I don't recall him having issues w/ third party routers, other than a change in the latest Starlink hardware no longer including an ethernet port, thus requiring a separate adapter to connect your own router. But even he initially configured it w/ the OEM provided router.

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