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Dlink DIR 655 no gigabit speeds

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Hi, I have the following configuration:

Main PC - Intel E8500, 4gb RAM, WD Raptor 150gb, Asus P5E3 deluxe
I have the ethernet connected to the marvell 1000 network card

Server - asus notebook - network is 100

NAS - Buffalo Linkstation LS-GL F which is 1000

All are connected to the Dlink Dir 655. It has also wireless enabled with wpa2 aes. Different firmware was used.

When I transfer between the linkstation and the main PC, I only get 100 speeds - 12MBps. Sometimes 14,5MBps - which makes me struggle to believe that the network is limited to a 100. The cables are CAT5, have all 4 pairs connected. (I just ordered some cat6 to be sure its not the cables) I have enabled jumbo frames on the linkstation(4mb) also on the marvell on my main PC.
I tried to unplug the server from the router...no change.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks a lot
Yes, this is completely normal.

I also have Buffalo Linkstation Live and a laptop with a gigabit port. Both are connected to a gigabit switch - the speed is exactly the same, up to 14 MB/sec. When I had them connected to a 100Mbit/sec switch, the speed was 6.5 MB/sec.

It is due to the limited memory and weak processors in the NASes.

You may have look at the charts on the SNB site - these speeds are normal.
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Im transferring a 700Mb avi file, the measuring is, I have to be honest, not very scientific - using total commander, which has a pretty precise speed measurement.
Its from the linkstation to the PC.
the exact model is: LS500GL-MEU

Thanks for your time!

I bought this NAS because of your review! I have it almost 2 years now, but never had the issue, that the transfer speed is not enough. Recently I updated my PC, and added a second dvd burner, so when I burn 2 dvds at once, the transfer is not enough :) Also, when it has the potential, why not use it?

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