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DNS filtering when using cloudflare DNS?

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Hi folks,

I'm using cloudflare's DNS ( and trying to block some domains in my network, but it doesn't work no matter I try:

1. Adding domains to Diversion's Blacklist location
2. Adding `iptables -I FORWARD -d foo.com -j REJECT` to `/jffs/scripts/firewall-start` as suggested in https://www.snbforums.com/threads/block-domains-whats-the-best-way-to-do-this.65528/
3. Adding `address=/foo.com/bar.com/` to `/jffs/configs/dnsmasq.conf.add` as suggested in https://github.com/RMerl/asuswrt-merlin.ng/wiki/Custom-domains-with-dnsmasq

Is there a way to block these domains while using a DNS server?
Is there a way to block these domains while using a DNS server?
You're always using a DNS server of some sort otherwise you wouldn't have a working internet.

What DNS related changes have you made to the routers default settings? Give an example of a specific domain that you're trying to block.
If you use OpenDNS you can block certain domains as well as filter DNS. Requires an account which is free
I'm using cloudflare's DNS (
Where did you configure these? On the LAN page or WAN page? It should be the WAN page only, then Diversion blocking would work because the clients will forward queries to the router, then Diversion will block some of them, and dnsmasq will forward the rest to Cloudflare via the WAN settings.

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