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DNS server vs DNS-over TLS server list

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Can someone explain the relation between the choice of DNS servers and "DNS-over-TLS server list" in WAN settings? Do both have to be specified? For example, if I choose Quad9 DNS servers, what should I specify in DNS-over-TLS server list, if anything? How it all works if I specify different servers?
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Whatever you specify in DNS-over-TLS overrides the WAN DNS servers. WAN DNS servers will be used by the router only and before DNS-over-TLS (Stubby) starts working. You can use Quad9 servers in both if you want to or leave the WAN DNS on ISP assigned DNS and specify whatever you prefer in DNS-over-TLS.

Double check what DNS your devices are using after here:

Quad9 may show as WoodyNet servers. I can recommend CleanBrowsing as well, it has free filters here:

OpenDNS (Cisco Umbrella based) offers free filtering categories with OpenDNS Home registration here:

Cloudflare also offers free filters, it's called Cloudflare for Families here:
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Cloudflare Security is and
Cloudflare Family is and
I used OpenDNS for a while but had problems. Cloudflare Security works well for me.
Depends on the location and local servers load and availability.
OpenDNS here is okay, but Quad9 is inconsistent. Google and Cloudflare fly.

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