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Does anyone ever Digg SNB articles?

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Mr. Easy
Staff member
We've had shortcut icons on each article for awhile now that provide a quick way to post the article to slashdot, digg, technorati, delicious and stumbleupon.

Has anyone ever used them?

If not, why not?
I haven't. But don't take this personal; I've never Digg'd anything. I just don't see the point.

I read everything on this site anyway. :)
Thanks for your honesty.

Social networking sites like Digg can help to increase readership, which helps the site to be more attractive to advertisers, which helps us continue to exist!
i've never been one to use Digg (or similar) myself, however, i've emailed links to numerous articles to people I know. and if I ever start a tech-related blog (which I've thought about), I would certainly include a link
Tim - I was one of the first people to start using Digg, and one of the first people who got off it. I found that websites like Digg, Facebook and StumbleUpon have too high a noise to signal ratio to promote real gems like SNB - and chances are, people who are looking for a site like SNB have already found it.

On the other hand, Slashdot posts so few articles, it's hard to get there. But nothing quite like your first Slashdotting, I suppose...
I actually agree with you, vnangia, about Digg's S/N ratio. Just trying to increase readership.
I don't Digg or use any of the others, just not my thing. I think I've only ever followed a couple Digg links on my own too. So yeah, maybe it works for some people, but not my preferred option. I guess I'm just boring... :)

I never digg anything either - but might to help readership and also increase revenues to keep this excellent site going - if I buy products based on your reviews - does it help to order via links from your website?
if I buy products based on your reviews - does it help to order via links from your website?

Thanks for your support, Kel.

Actually, the way that the Pricegrabber links work is that SNB gets paid when you click over to the retailer's site. You don't even have to buy anything.

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