DSL-AC68U, mixed routed/bridged mode?

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Would it be possible to have one of the four ethernet ports on the router to be in bridge mode while the rest of the router would be in routed mode? At least the official fw does not have such a setting.

The background for this is that I have a separate wifi base station connected to one of the eth ports and I'd like to have ISP provided public IP addresses for devices in that wifi, while all the rest should have my own private IP addresses behind NAT. My ISP hands out only five IP addresses and since I have 20+ devices in my network a complete bridged mode is not an option. But two of my wifi devices would require a distinct public IP address in order to operate at the same time so I'm out of options without some tweaks.


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The fact you are (apparently) using OEM firmware makes things difficult. Using third-party firmware, you could solve the problem using one-to-one NAT, where you would bind all your additional public IPs to the WAN, then use the firewall to forward each public IP to its corresponding device on the local network. IOW, each device remains bound to your local ipv4 network and functions normally. But from outside your WAN, each device *appears* to have its own public IP.

There's a very old DD-WRT wiki that explains how this can be accomplished. Regardless of the specific third-party firmware, the principles are the same.

To complicate matters further, it's rare for third-party firmware to support combo devices (modem+router). I think Merlin *might*, but I'm not sure.


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Thanks for your very informative reply, I'll see what I can digest out from the link you provided. I'm open to the idea of having a third-party firmware (actually, I've done that already once) but, as you said, it might be hard to find a suitable one.

Another option would be to set up an OpenVPN tunnel to an external server which would then provide the IP addresses, but I wanted to see the "local" options first.

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