DSL-AX82U firmware update to 49608 fails


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I bought a DSL-AX82U that comes with firmware I have set it up to automatically update firmware at night. In the morning the router was offline, aura pulsing red, led slowly blinking white. I then used the restoration tool and tried to manually update to the latest firmware 49608. That failed with the message Failed to recover the system. I used the same process to flash the 48378 firmware, and that worked. I am now left with the router asking to update, and no way to update it. Does anyone have any idea how to proceed with this? First ASUS product here ...
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PS: this is actually the second DSL-AX82U, the first one had the exact same issue, and I sent it back as RMA


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General recommendations: remove any USB devices, factory reset with initialize then minimally configure (wifi and user-password). Then flash the firmware from the GUI (ADMINISTRATION/Firmware Upgrade). Do not use a saved config file to restore the router.


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Aside from flashing from the GUI, the rest I have tried it all :S the router was literally just out of the box
I still do not understand how the auto-update could have possibly failed.
Any of you here with this device and on the last firmware version?

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