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Dual 2.5g or dual 10g router suggestion

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Need a router suggestion for multiple devices , about 13 total wired and wireless . Needs to be cpu powerful and support 2g internet . Needs dual 2.5g ports or 10g if they work with 2.5g network cards in wired computers . Thanks don’t really have a budget also .
You had an RT-AX88U with Gigabit ports in 2022. The new RT-AX88U Pro has 2x 2.5GbE ports and slightly faster CPU. This is about the best you can get from a consumer AIO router in terms of CPU unless you want to play beta tester with newer high-end Wi-Fi 7 products.
The same hardware and performance with different marketing. GT came first with "Gaming" marketing. RT came after with "Pro" marketing.
The same hardware and performance means they will perform the same. The "Pro" version doesn't have RGB lights... if this is important part of the performance.
So either the gt or the ax88u will perform the same ?
They should. There's always the chance Asus may have tweaked things such as the amps or the filters, but I would expect the performance difference between them to be within the margin of error, until someone actually did reliable benchmarks of both.
Seems like RT-AX88U Pro is doing better on new Pro firmware releases.


See reviews here:

I don't really care for how he tests things, but he's one of the few people who actually tests router these days and most people can't afford the kind of equipment SNB has had access to when testing.

Another source for reviews:
Those numbers look about right in those second links. Roughly, ~20% faster for each newer model in my experience.

Everything makes a difference. As usual, specs/part lists don't mean squat.
Another source for reviews:

Interesting. Seems like for speed at distance TP-Link Archer AX3200 beats all the competition. I've never seen this model around though. Perhaps region specific.

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