Dual VPN, client and server on same router


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I just logged into the xfinity and found out I had port forwarded on the router My guess it that is what this whole thing could be about.

I will let you know if allowing this to the new ASUS corrects things
it was totally the port forwarding issue

The transfer and all the settings were right my xfinity device was only pointing to my origional router not the newer one.

Thanks for your time and wisdom


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Ok you guys helped me through all the craziness of that last router setup and it seems to be working great apart from diversion (which for some reason seems to make my router crazy)

But my real question is can I have this same dual (VPN in and out) setup on an older N66u?

The firmware is as updated as it can be but the VPN settings are much more limited in the GUI

I dont know if there is a way to do it through telnet though.

Any thoughts?

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