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  1. C

    How can I do this.. Router VPN Client to Server 2

    I need some help.. I'm trying to route VPN Client 2 through VPN Server 2 so I can have the protection of my VPN Provider if I connect to the VPN Server 2. I did this before using VPN Director and then adding something to the Custom Configuration of VPN Server 2. I can't remember what I did. I...
  2. A

    RTAC68U Fw386.12 Openvpn ping packet loss

    Hi every one. Still having some problem with OpenVPN in firmware 386.12 between two RTac68u Site 1 = nas1 ( + Pc1 <-> RTac68u_FW386.12 ( <==internet==> Rtac68u_Fw386.12 ( <-> Pc2 + nas2 ( = Site 2 My goal is that any Pc of site 1 can...
  3. D

    Open VPN App No Longer Working

    After updating to the latest iOS Open VPN client, I can no longer connect to the server side on the Asus AX86U. I think the iOS client has updated to the newest open VPN version while the Asus Merlin server implementation is out of spec at this point. Is there a fix coming?
  4. I

    Multi Site2Site VPN

    Looking to set up a multi-site (3 for now, 4 soon) VPN tunnel(s), one for just LAN access and and another to route internet traffic for select devices. Any advice on how to adapt this guide, or if...
  5. A

    Starting OpenVPN with TAP Client seems to crash RT-AX86U

    I just purchased an RT-AX86U PRO to replace an aging RT-AC68U and running an OpenVPN client with a TAP bridge seems to crash the RT-AX86U PRO. Both routers are on the latest versions of ASUSWRT-MERLIN -- 388.2_2 and 386.11, respectively. Previously, the RT-AC68U was set up in SPAIN with at TAP...
  6. Laxarus

    Route Local IP to OpenVPN Server Client IP

    Hello, I have setup a two-way OpenVPN server-client pair with my RT-AC5300 and synology NAS. They can ping and access each other with no problem remotely. Current Setup VPN Server: LAN IP: VPN IP: VPN Client: LAN IP: VPN IP: I can ping the ip...
  7. J

    OVPN Client throughput on ax88u Pro

    Anyone running an OVPN client on an ax88u Pro yet? What kind of speeds are you getting ? Where do you top out? Thanks!
  8. K

    Issue with Synology Hyper Backup over Open VPN

    Hi, I have an issue with Open VPN, specifically after moving to Merlin's implementation from the default Asus implementation on my Asus RT-AC66U B1. This is a bit wordy, but here's the situation: I have two Synology NAS devices. One lives in my house, the other lives in a remote location. Open...
  9. A

    Asus AX88U Client VPN, custom configuration too short

    Hi all, I'm trying to configurate an OpenVPN with NordVPN on my Asus AX88U Merlin 386.8. I need to fill in 495 lines of code inside custom configuration but it's impossible because is very short. I loaded also a ovpn file with all configuration but result is same. I'm trying to add a...
  10. T

    OpenVpn issue need help

    Want to thank you guys in advance as you guys have been helping allot beside my knowledge on networking being so weak combined with learning disability and dyslexia, here is my situation will try my best to describe it, RT-AC5300 On latest Merlin Firmware, issue i am having is i cant connect to...
  11. Krisbik

    OpenVpn Asus (route gateway is not reachable on any active network adapters)

    Hi everybody! I apologize in advance for my English. I ran into a problem that confused me a lot. I'm working on a solution for the second day, but unfortunately, due to lack of knowledge, I don't know how to fix it. The essence of the problem: I set up OpenVpn on my Asus router RT-N66U ...
  12. S

    OpenVpn rehash old passwords after adding new and reboot

    Affected device RT-AC5300 fw version 386.3_2, 386.2_6, 386.2_4 steps to reproduse 1. create one user 2. nvram show | grep vpn_serverx_clientlist view plain password 3. reboot router 4. nvram show | grep vpn_serverx_clientlist view hashed password 5. create second user 6. nvram show | grep...
  13. C

    Dual VPN, client and server on same router

    OK all you routing geniuses I have a RT-AC68R running the newest Merlin Firmware, and I am half way to my dream setup I currently have a OPEN VPN server running amazing well and my phones can easily access all my files and network resources. I also have a Proton VPN instance set up on my Router...
  14. automaton

    Default OpenVPN server no longer works with OpenSSL 3

    I have an RT-AC68U running Merlin 386.3_2. It's running OpenVPN with basic setup. All I did was enable it and added a user. This has always worked until now with some latest OpenVPN clients it won't connect with: 9:14 a.m. library versions: OpenSSL 3.0.0 7 sep 2021, LZO 2.10 9:14 a.m...
  15. K

    How do I configure my OpenVPN server on my Asus router to allow spacific use by different clients

    I have set up a OpenVPN server on my Asus RT-AX82U router (Firmware version and it has automatically generated a Client.opvn file. But how do I now alter this file to allow certain access to my net work? I have a couple of servers, which also contain web services, and some...
  16. automaton

    RT-AC68U 386.2_6 packet loss on OpenVPN failed connection

    I have an RT-AC68U with a wired Windows box running PingPlotter (although I've confirmed this with a wired Linux box running ping directly as well). Basically at random times nefarious connections are attempted to my OpenVPN server running on the RT-AC68U. The log looks like this: Jul 23...
  17. N

    How many VPN Users can I create?

    I am trying to create separate vpn user/password for each family members under VPN -> VPN Server. But it only lets me add one additional user apart from the default user which is used for manage router. I can add many users, but as soon as I click on apple only 2 remains, rest disappears. Is...
  18. Kashif Tasneem

    VPN Server - Local Network vs Internet and Local Network?

    Hi. I recently setup VPN server (Open VPN) on my Asus GT AX-11000 router to access it remotely. Problem is that I can only access it when I have checked "Internet and Local Network". According to my understanding, it redirects all of my Internet traffic through the ISP of my router. But I want...
  19. amplatfus

    Open VPN simultaneously VPN Client and Server 384.11_2 AC88U

    Hi, I recently update to 384.11_2 from 380 and have a strange problem. I use VPN Server (1,2) and is working. I also use VPN Client (1,2,3,4,5) and is working. But when I activate both I have no internet on VPN Server connected clients and VPN Client (1,2,3,4,5) give no internet to policy list...
  20. D

    Asus Merlin rt 3200 openVPN avoid geolocked app on IOS and Android

    Hello, I lost my router configuration and had to reset everything. i used to be able to connect to my Asus rt 3200 running merlin 384 and use my tv app and watch live tv without being geo locked and told i need to be on my home wifi. currently i can connect to the vpn server but i believe...