1. sirmclouis

    More than two VPN clients running?

    Hey! I really don't now why but I can't have more than two VPN clients running. My VPN provider is NordVPN and I want to have two clients running to two different locations and them send the traffic of two different guess networks through them. Both of the clients seems to connect, but after...
  2. D

    VPN not working - RT AC86U

    Hi, why, if my router (AC86U) have assigned a public ip, vpn server is telling me my ip is private (see photos attached)? Thanks in advance for any help
  3. A

    RT-AX86U Works great, except when it doesn't.

    You have one thread on this already https://www.snbforums.com/threads/asus-rt-ax86u-vpn-work-laptop-problems.66097/
  4. S

    Asuswrt - VPN server - IPsec - doesn't save after hitting apply (86U)

    Is there any one on here using the VPN server function on their Asus router? I have an 86u and wanted to turn on VPN server to access my home network away from home. Looks like IPSec *should* be the one to use and followed the guide from Asus to get up and running...
  5. G

    RT-AC86U: Force traffic through VPN tunnel: what does strict do for policy rules

    Firmware Version:384.17 For "Force Internet traffic through tunnel", What is the difference between "Policy rules" and "Policy rules (strict)"?
  6. F

    Router to support VPN client/server and PiHole

    Hello, I'll start by saying that I'm a bit of a novice with networking and I've been searching around for information about this for ages and I'm a bit overwhelmed by it all, so I know the answers are out there, but I'm hoping you can help me to pull it all together. What (I think) I want: -...
  7. stevieosaurus

    Multiple OpenVPN clients: run in parallel, serial or alternative?

    I searched all over this forum & google but couldn't get one clear, straight answer, so here goes: If I activate multiple (2 or more) OpenVPN clients in my Merlin router admin interface, do these: 1. Run in parallel - some clients (local IPs) connect trough one VPN, others trough another VPN...
  8. M

    NordVPN Running on Router and Streaming Box Clients Issue

    This is my first post to this site, I come here alot for advice and guidance and its never failed me. A friend of mine decided that he wanted his entire home network to be behind a vpn, and he opted for NordVPN. My friend resides in the US. He asked me to set it up for him on a brand new ASUS...
  9. S

    Help setting up Nord VPN

    Hi there. I'm hoping someone could help me with setting up Nord VPN on my ASUS RT-N66R. I've read the instructions for my router on Nords website, but I'm running different firmware than what they have instructions for, and the options on the router are vastly different to the point I can't...
  10. F

    Does the VPN kill switch work with Merlin?

    I signed up to ExpressVPN this week where their knowledge with Merlin is limited. Apart from this enquiry, their live support is fantastic with no waiting times. I found information about setting up a VPN with a kill switch here. https://www.vpnunlimitedapp.com/help/manuals/asuswrt-merlin When...
  11. octopus

    How to choose DNS from openvpn PUSH string

    I trying to use one preferred dns from my vpn provider, they come randomly in PUSH string. Sometime it's the right one but often not. I can extract DNS from vpn-log in right order with "grep" command. vpn=1 grep -E "dhcp-option DNS" /tmp/vpnclient-$vpn.log | cut -d ' ' -f3 | tail -n 2 | sort...
  12. octopus

    Shorter expression.....

    I'm trying to wrap my head around this..... (small head). Try to have this shorter, have tried several ideas but no success. maybe some have any idea.. if [ "$vpn" = "route-up" ] && [ "$var" = "client1" ] || [ "$var" = "client2" ] || [ "$var" = "client3" ] || [ "$var" = "client4" ] || [ "$var"...
  13. R

    Second router as VPN gateway

    I would like to connect only a few devices on my network to a VPN. My Asus router allows either all devices to connect to the VPN, or none. I can't use the Merlin or DD-WRT firmwares because I am using aimesh. Can I use a spare Asus router as a VPN Gateway? I am planning to use it as the...
  14. T

    ASUS RT-AX88U wifi router VPN Client issue

    Hi, I have a ASUS RT-AX88U wifi router with firmware version The current firmware version is When I try to upgrade from to any new firmware I have an issue with VPN client. When I add an Open VPN client, in my router, the internet status...
  15. Yanik

    unbound vs VPN DNS

    Hi, Which one is better as Performance and Security?; 1) Using VPN connections DNS Server by setting DNS Exclusive at VPN clients settings page (Accept DNS Configuration). 2) Using installed unbound_manager by setting DNS Relaxed/Disabled at VPN clients setting page. Also little...
  16. Groot

    Fast VPN router 400$

    Hi. I'm looking for the fastest VPN router within 400 USD price range. I'm using NordVPN. I got 10 devices connected to router but I want only half of them to be routed via VPN. My ISP connection is 100mbps. I know I won't be able to achieve the same speed with VPN but I'm looking for a router...
  17. G

    VPN Client start from SSH

    Hi All. In my practice it is often VPN client hangs because of different factors. To make it working again, I need to login web interface, go to VPN, open VPN client, open appropriate client (I have three different ones) and to disable and then enable it. Is it possible to restart the client...
  18. O

    Access Point VPN

    Hi, I've made my ASUS 55u into an access point by disabling DHCP and put it behind another modem/router. Now I want to use my VPN client on my ASUS AP but this doesn't work anymore? Does anyone know why and how to solve this?
  19. I

    How can I bond two VPN connections?

    I have an rt-ac68u and I have it set up as a VPN client. Each core in the CPU in the router seems to be able to handle about 25Mbps each. I've tested this and been able to simultaneously download at 25Mbps on each VPN connection to total 50Mbps. Is it possible to bond the connection locally...
  20. I

    RT-AX56U VS AX58U

    Hello Guys, Which Router is better performing in terms of Wifi Performance and OPENVPN Speeds? AX56U or AX58U? And are there any known issues in both of these Models? And which one is more stable when using Merlin Appreciate your help and Advise :cool::D